Single Family Homes in Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL.

Kingsbury is the only neighborhood situated on the long stretch of Registry Boulevard. The entranceway is the complimentary sister to Bearsford and enters overlooking a lake and preserved forest. A pair of intimately-scaled cul-de-sacs flank either side of the entrance lake, serving 22 homes to the left and 25 homes to the right. Over half of the 75' wide by 135' deep lots are on the lake or preserved conservation lands. Lots that are buffered from the community parkway also have an additional 15' of depth plus a 25' landscaped greenbelt. The adjacent conservation lands are over 1,200' wide and include a deer crossing through the Sweetwater Creek environs.

The Village Office
  • 904-940-5000 or 800-940-2898
  • 100 East Town Place
  • Suite 100
  • St. Augustine, FL 32092
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